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Breast Surgery Perth

Dr Sam Cunneen is a Fellowship trained Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He is a member of the Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and is a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Western Australia. If you would like to find out more about Dr Cunneen please visit his about page.

From his beautiful rooms in West Perth he empowers patients by providing the information they need to make good decisions about their breast surgery.

Breast Surgery Perth

When having your breast surgery performed by Dr Sam Cunneen, your operation will be performed by him in a fully accredited hospital. He always uses an Anaesthetic Doctor to care for you during your procedure. If you choose to have an augmentation, Dr Cunneen also uses the highest quality breast implants available. While these measures can cost slightly more, your safety is of the utmost importance to the team at breast augmentation Perth. Unfortunately some less reputable clinics have been known to make compromises to patient safety leading to disastrous consequences.

As with any surgical procedure there is always the possibility of risks and complications. It is crucial that you understand these risks and if you have any concerns at all you should seek out a second opinion from a plastic surgeon.

On this page we will give you advice regarding how to choose your surgeon, how to decide whether to have a breast lift or an augmentationu and how to ensure your safety when undergoing a breast augmentation.

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Breast Enhancement Gallery

Photographs shown on this website are of actual patients who have given permission to have their photos published and are for illustrative purposes only.  Any identifiable tattoos have been altered to protect patient privacy. Results may vary.

Choosing your Surgeon

Undoubtedly the most important decision to make regarding your breast surgery is choosing your surgeon. Your surgeon’s qualifications and memberships are critical in guiding you to the skilled practitioner you will need.

Make sure your surgeon is a Plastic Surgeon. This ensures they have achieved the highest level of training in cosmetic surgery. You are able to look up your surgeon’s qualifications at

The next step is to find a surgeon who gives you the time and confidence to ask questions and listens to your requirements. You must be comfortable that you have a good understanding of why recommendations are made, and that your surgeon really understands what you want. If you have any concerns seek another opinion.

Choosing the Correct Operation

It’s All About You

Dr Sam Cunneen takes time to learn about each patient’s requirements. This includes your desired look, your work and your sporting activities. Combining this with your current breast size and your overall body shape, he is able to recommend a range of different options to best suit you. As a general rule if you have reasonable breast volume but the shape is poor, you may need a breast lift, otherwise known as a mastopexy. If the breast shape is good and you are lacking volume then a breast augment may be the best option.


Having figured out which operation to have it is of vital importance that you have a full grasp of the complications and issues regarding that surgery. It is for this reason that Dr Sam Cunneen must see you two times prior to booking any surgery. The risks involved are dependent on the surgery being discussed. The significance of the complication varies as well dependent on what operation is being considered. As a general guide all breast operations can be expected to have a degree of asymmetry post operatively. Any surgery carries the risks of infection, bleeding, wound breakdowns and bad scars. Be sure you take the time to discuss with who ever does your surgery to make sure you really understand the implications of your choices.

Breast Sizing

The next step in breast augmentation finding your perfect sized breast implant is using breast sizers. These are specially designed to be placed into your bra to allow you to feel the exact weight of the breast augment as well as let you see the appearance of the breast implant in clothing. These are interchanged until you find the one which feels not too heavy, and gives you the enhanced appearance you have been looking for.

Perth Breast Augmentation Has 3D imaging

So you have decided upon the volume you would like, but how do you know whether it will really suit you? Breast Augmentation Perth has cutting edge technology which gives our clients access to 3D morphing. The amazing computer and camera system takes a 3 dimensional image of your chest and can then give you an impression of how the chosen breast implant might look on you. While this system does have limitations and is certainly not an exact likeness of your post op result, it is an useful tool in discussing why one implant size and shape is preferred over another. The system is called Vectra.


At Breast Augmentation Perth, Dr Sam Cunneen believes in staying ahead of the technology curve. He is a regular attendee at national and international conferences and works at Perth’s largest teaching hospital. The three key pieces of cutting edge technology Dr Sam Cunneen uses are the Vectra machine, the Keller funnel and the breast implants themselves.

Vectra 3D Imaging

Breast Augmentation Perth is one of the few practises in Western Australia to have the amazing 3D technology of the Vectra available (discussed above). This helps you visualize the breast implants you have chosen.It also helps patients understand the different appearance that alternative augments might make to their body shape.

The Keller Funnel

While the primary objective of your surgery is to produce a breast augmentation which looks truly amazing, the other most important factor is ensuring your safety during your procedure. At Breast Augmentation Perth, Dr Sam Cunneen always uses an anesthetic doctor to administer the general anaesthetic and performs his breast enhancement surgery in accredited hospitals. The other important consideration in having any form of implant surgery is the steps undertaken to ensure the chances of contamination of the implant are extremely unlikely. It is with this in mind that Dr Cunneen always uses a Keller funnel to place the breast implant into position. (see video)

The Keller funnel is an ingenious device which gets super slippery when wet. It allows the breast implant to be placed without the implant touching the skin. It also ensures the breast implant is delivered with the least amount of trauma. Increasingly the recommended guidelines around breast augmentation are recognising the advantages of these delivery systems. Dr Sam Cunneen is happy to say he uses one for every breast augmentation he performs.

Breast Implants

The most impressive piece of technology are the implants themselves. The breast implants that Dr Sam Cunneen uses are of the highest quality. They have been shown through multiple trials to be extremely safe and robust. The company who makes the implants provides one of the best guarantees in the market relating to their longevity.

Please continue to read through the frequently asked questions and review our gallery of the many happy patients who have had their surgery at Breast Augmentation Perth by Dr Sam Cunneen.

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